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Our diversified products have trained us to have vast insight in conquering various challenges in every project. Through diverse backgrounds and experiences, our expertise has been proven in many ways.

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Embodiment of Value

Our investment strategies aim to create long-term value for our investors and the communities. We emphasize value-based on concrete asset cashflows rather than investment trends or market appreciation.

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Entrepreneur Spirit

Our roots are grounded in the foundation of our history: empowering our professionals to work with enthusiasm, innovation, and a propensity for problem-solving

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Our high standard leads us to operate carefully and to be more attentive to detail in everything we do for our business, residents, and investors. All negotiations, due diligence activities, capital sourcing, and operations are approached with rigor and methodology.

“The Quality of Property”

PT Griya idola is the real estate arm of Barito Pacific Group that is known for its consistency in delivering high-quality real estate products and service. Griya Idola develops across various cities in Indonesia and manages a highly diverse portfolio, including office buildings, a fully integrated industrial park, retail and residential properties, resort and business hotels, and land banks. It will continue to focus on Indonesia as the market while pursuing opportunities overseas.